Kelowna by hitomimaaka-d3go7x8
Statistics Nicknames: K-town

Motto: Fruitful in Unity

Established: 1859

Incorporated: 1905


Kelowna is a sunny, life loving person. He (yes, it's a he) has a love of the beach, swimming, and fresh fruit. Yo some he can seem self-important and selfish, but deep down he's a mostly caring person. His name comes from the Okanagan word for "grizzly bear". He loves to play tricks on his friends and family, but will defend them if the event presents itself. Despite his style of dress and flamboyant character, he can be very responisble when he needs to, but he has more fun playing around and having a good time. He lives right by Lake Okanagan, which is rumored to have a creature called the 'Ogopogo' living in it. Kelowna neither confirms nor denies the existance of this mysterious creature (although he does reel in tourism with claims of Ogopogo sightings).


Living right in the Okanagan, Kelowna has the best fruit in BC to offer to the world. He also has several wines to offer that are Internationally renowned. Since he's so warm and sunny and has a large lake to go with mountainous terrain, most of his people work in the servics. Hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, boating, you name it, he's got it. Although, due to the influx of tourists, he does have traffic problems.


Kelowna has three brothers who he loves very much; Vernon, Penticton, and Salmon Arm. They sometimes resent him for being such an attention grabber and ignoring them, but when it all boils down, they all care for each other. Being the good big brother that he is, Kelowna takes care of his brothers when they need him, but plays pranks on them regularily.