The City of Bridges and the University Bridge.

The biggest city in Saskatchewan and home of the UofS


Official Nicknames: The City of Bridges, The Hub City, Paris of the Prairies

Unofficial Nicknames: S'toon, Toon Town, POW City

Motto: Commerce Industry Education

Established: 1883

Incorporated (Town): 1903

Incorporated (City): 1906

Hockey Team: The Saskatoon Blades


Saskatoon is the biggest city in Saskatchewan and has the University of Saskatchewan NOT REGINA. She has the best program for Agriculture and the best Veterinary School in the country. And not to brag but even if it isn't official she still says that her university campus is the prettiest in Canada. Being the smartest city in her province she enjoys teaching classes at her university. And the reason she does so well when it comes to things that involve animals is simply because she adores them. Especially huskies.

But don't let her kindheartedness towards animals lull you into a false sense of security;until quite recently she was the murder capital of Canada( until Edmonton beat her). She has a bad temper and you don't want to get on her bad side (its the west side if your wondering).

Unlike Regina she is rather dramatic and passionate. She has six theatre companies who perform plays and musicals throughout the year. And she has a flair for cooking (with the most restaurants per capita for any canadian city she'd better) and enjoys baking and is known to try to put her namesake berry into everything.

And even though Regina has the longest bridge over the shortest span of water, she is the Bridge City not him. She is very proud of her bridges; there are seven in total.

Although there is one thing that Saskatoon is a bit ashamed of. She was originally not supposed to ever be allowed alcohol and now has a very low tolerance for it basically she gets drunk easily.I mean it isn't her fault that she had to be found by those uptight temperance colonists.

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